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Action is a vast video game genre that includes all kinds of titles in which physical challenges are the main focus of the gameplay. Even though you could include many sub-genres in this category, all action games require good hand-eye coordination and high reaction speed if you want to succeed. Gameplay mechanics tend to be quite varied across the genre but in most action games the player controls an avatar who is able to use different skills to beat opponents or overcome challenges. Quite often, you will have a limited time to complete certain activities or progress to a certain point in the game, making all the process even more challenging. Therefore, gameplay tends to be fast-paced and sometimes frenetic, making action games a favorite of those looking for a good dose of adrenaline. Games like Red Dead Redemption or Batman: Arkham City belong to this genre although most action games tend to fall into several categories.

Reward Event Travel to the world of Valisthea and do whatever it takes to save your homeland in Final Fantasy XVI - 72
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