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    A PvP game that combines shooting and deck building? Friends vs Friends is a unique shooter that pits you against other players in exciting combats. Fast-paced action, 10 different characters to choose from, and bucketloads of cards to unlock. Each char represents powers, weapons, and debuffs that your character can use in the game. You can combine them as you choose to create your own gameplay style and hinder your opponents during a match. The number of possible combinations is endless!

    Friends vs Friends features 1v1 and 2v2 online battles where you have to eliminate your opponents by all means possible. Traps, turrets, special ammunition, all kinds of crazy weapons... Anything goes if it helps you to win. And the best comes later. You will open card packs to expand your deck, unlocking more of everything. Figuring out what's the appropriate combination for every match is quite fun, especially if you coordinate with your teammate in 2v2. Friends vs Friends also includes a practice mode that will help you to try all possible combinations and learn the ropes of the game. 

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