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    Embark on a journey that will lead to your freedom in Stray Blade, an action and exploration RPG set in Acrea, the Lost Valley. You are an adventurer who set out to discover Acrea and managed to find it. However, you died in the process. After some time, you miraculously come back to life only to find you are bound to the land. Now, with only your Xhinnon wolf Boji as your companion, you must go on a quest in this savage and wounded land, and return peace and balance to Acrea.

    Explore vast ruins and relive the history of this once peaceful valley. Journey through maze-like canyons, icy caves, and mist-covered swamps. Together with your companion, discover treasure, secrets, resources, recipes, lore, and weapons that you can use to prolong your life. 

    You will also find many enemies who will impede your path. Stray Blade uses a finely-tuned combat system where you must employ precision and correct timing to succeed. You will cross blades with difficult opponents and truly epic boss fights against the God-Kings of the valley.

    You and your companion Boji will also advance as you gain experience. Follow separate skill paths to create a build that matches your playstyle. While you gain experience through combat, Boji gains experience by discovering ancient lore. 

    Stray Blade welcomes you to its verdant, ever-changing, and lore-rich world. Will you discover how to free yourself from your bonds, or will you remain trapped in Acrea?

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