Soulslike Stray Blade launches tomorrow April 20

Soulslike Stray Blade launches tomorrow April 20

Stray Blade, the souls-like action adventure created 505 Games and developer Point Blank Games, is finally launching tomorrow. You can take a peek at the launch trailer here:



Stray Blade takes place in the Lost Valley of Acrea, where you play the adventurer and archaeologist Farren West. After accidentally triggering an ancient spell, the resulting magical explosion leaves you dead. However, you find yourself resurrected and bound to the valley. Somehow you must resolve an ancient conflict between good and evil, discover what caused the fall of Acrea, and find a way back home.

Thankfully, you make a new friend in the form of Boji, a wolf-like creature who is immortal and similarly bound to the land. He can aid you in combat, help you find your way, comment on the various secrets you find in Acrea, and revive you when you fall in battle. Since this is a Souls-like game, you can level up, upgrade both your and Boji’s skills, collect an arsenal of weapons, and craft gear to help you survive the challenges ahead. 

An interesting aspect of Stray Blade is that time continually passes in Acrea, even when you die. If you returned to a dungeon you cleared, for example, you may find that it’s once again occupied by a different enemy. In other words, your actions shape the events of Acrea.



If the trailer is giving you some anime vibes, that’s a deliberate choice by game director Nicholas Zamo. In an interview with GLHF, he says, “I’m a big anime fan, so character development has always been a big thing for me. I’ve always loved playing games or watching anime with this component because it’s always one of the core points of anime.” 

Stray Blade is launching tomorrow, April 20, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Grab a Stray Blade PS5 key from our comparator today.

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