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    Face a terror blacker than the depths of space in Aliens: Dark Descent. A squad-based single-player FPS, you are the leader of a squad of Colonial Marines, sent on a mission to stop the Alien menace from spreading through a colony of the moon Lethe.

    You are in total control of your squad. Command them to take strategic positions and defend themselves against all threats. Manage your soldiers’ equipment, health, and sanity to prevent death or mental breakdowns. 

    Employ assault rifles, flame throwers, turrets, and motion trackers. Set up a safe zone and a perimeter to defend it. Discover secrets in a persistent world, and be on the lookout at all times for threats. 

    And there will be plenty of threats. You will face the iconic monsters of the Alien franchise: facehuggers, Praetorians, Queens, and more. You will also face human opposition in the form of rogue commandos of the megacorp Weyland-Yutani. Finally, you will face a previously unknown yet terrifying biomechanical threat. Be on your guard—you control one squad in Aliens: Dark Descent, but your enemies are legion.

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