Aliens: Dark Descent pre-order trailer terrifies with deadly new xenomorph

Aliens: Dark Descent pre-order trailer terrifies with deadly new xenomorph

Focus Entertainment is ramping up the hype for their Aliens: Dark Descent with a new trailer showcasing gameplay. This marks the start of pre-orders for their real-time squad-based horror game, which is coming out in June. Check out the trailer right now:



Hunter’s moon

Developed by Tindalos Interactive, Aliens: Dark Descent features a new, if vague, story about an Alien infestation on the Lethe moon base, with plans by a shadowy entity to smuggle the creatures off-world, presumably to turn them into bio-weapons. Enter the Colonial Marines, sent into the base to recover all survivors and destroy the Alien menace for good. 

That said, the Marines may have bitten off more than they could chew. While the game looks something like XCOM, the action is in real-time—the Aliens won’t wait for you to decide your next move and will rush you from all sides. What’s more, the Aliens have a full array of enemy types, including the Facehugger, the Warrior, the Praetorian, and the enormous Queen. There’s also a new unnamed Xenomorph, an upright creature with a wider head and apparently human-like teeth. We’re equal parts excited and anxious to find out exactly what this alien is capable of.

But that’s not all. You also have to deal with mercenary commandos and renegade synthetics, much like the ones found in Alien: Isolation. Even worse, there is a new type of enemy that we have no information on. It resembles a cyborg with tubes and mechanical parts sticking out of its flesh. Who made these things? Why do the Aliens ignore them in favor of attacking Marines?

We’re looking forward to the answers and there won't be long to wait..Aliens: Dark Descent will launch on June 20 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Those who pre-order will get a black armor set and a unique feline companion—an homage to Ripley’s pet cat Jones in the original Alien movie. If you want to save some money, grab an Aliens: Dark Descent PS5 key from our comparator.

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