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Aliens: Dark Descent unleashes terror with new gameplay trailer

Aliens: Dark Descent unleashes terror with new gameplay trailer

Aliens: Dark Descent is almost upon us, so publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Tindalos Interactive have released a new trailer to whet our appetites for their terrifying strategy game. Check out the Aliens: Dark Descent gameplay trailer here:



No one can hear you scream

Taking inspiration from the 1986 action film Aliens, Dark Descent puts you in command of a squad of Colonial Marines trying to investigate the mysteries of the planet Lethe. Expect to wander through tight corridors and dark alleys obscured by the fog of war, and unlike Alien: Isolation, you will be up against swarms of Xenomorphs that will attack you when you least expect them.

In a recent PlayStation blog, Tindalos Game Director Romain Clavier describes the tense atmosphere this way:

“Our goal is to have players drown in the tension from the potential of a ferocious ambush of a conniving pack of Xenomorphs. That said, we wanted to avoid having swarms of Xenomorphs in a way that would dull their individual significance so we opted to give the game’s enemies cunning strategic impulses to plan maneuvers on the fly, flank squads, and quickly retreat to gather more numbers.”

All this happens in real time, but luckily you have a chance to react to the ever-changing battlefield. You control professional soldiers using the Squad Behavior System, which allows them to follow your orders intelligently without micro-management. You can also slow down time to come up with tactical decisions on the fly. Finally, you get a wide arsenal of weapons to use such as rifles, grenades, flame throwers, and sentry guns to hold back the aliens, malfunctioning androids, and whatever else Lethe is going to throw at you. 

Will these be enough to help you survive? You can find out when Aliens: Dark Descent launches on June 20 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Also check out our listings for an Aliens: Dark Descent PS5 key at the best prices.

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