Grand Theft Auto IV

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    Despite its infamy, the Grand Theft Auto series does often deliver a compelling story with deep questions. None moreso than Grand Theft Auto IV, a game where you play as a man who just wants to live the American Dream, and even comes to Liberty City to be with his cousin to ensure that this happens for him. Who wouldn't want that? But, he soon discovers that not everything he's been told is for real, and he has to return to old habits in order to keep himself and his cousin alive, including dealing with the underworld of Liberty City. As Niko Bellic, you'll try and make your way in Liberty City, but find out that for those who don't have everything, having nothing may be the only option left. But you're not going to stand for that. You'll take on the notorious underground of the city, and slowly build up your reputation as a man who is not to be messed with. Go on missions to get more cash so you can upgrade your supply of weapons, as well as yourself. With each success brings you closer to your true goal, but it may also bring you to the end of yourself if you're not careful. Grand Theft Auto IV is the most beautiful Grand Theft Auto game to date, as the new system brings to life the GTA version of New York to life in stunning detail. From the characters, to the world, you'll see every detail, and it'll give you new reasons to get what you want. Experience the new age of Grand Theft Auto in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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