Shadows of Doubt

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    In Shadows of Doubt, it's 1980 on an alternate version of our world where industrialization has surpassed all limits. As a private investigator, you have to survive in this dystopic universe by solving a variety of crimes and working as an information dealer of sorts. Shadows of Doubt is an exciting and immersive simulator that lays a sandbox world for you to explore at your feet. Traverse the crowded streets of your city while you investigate different cases. Sneak into properties by lockpicking, look for information and clues, and make use of your findings to find the culprits.  

    Shadows of Doubt offers you an immersive experience set in an environment that reminisces the best noir films and requires that you think as a real investigator if you want to progress in the game. You will have to find out the connection between the clues and get your hands dirty to get additional information that may be of use to solve a case. If you work hard enough, you may even be able to find out the identity of the serial murderer that is terrorizing the city and set up a trap to capture them. 

    Shadows of Doubt lets you take a realistic approach to criminal investigation in a sci-fi setting, perfect for those looking for a different and exciting experience.

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