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No Man's Sky: Interceptor expands the game's limits

No Man's Sky: Interceptor expands the game's limits

Hello Games has been expanding No Man's Sky since it was released. Even though this may not come as a surprise to you, especially if you have been following us, all of the updates released to date for the game have been free of charge for those that own No Man's Sky. The studio is committed to making its game as good as possible, and the constant flow of updates is met by a very good reception from the fans of the game and those willing to give it an opportunity. The process has been peerless so far. The studio released a basic version of the game and added new features and functionalities over time until No Man's Sky was really huge. VR support, new expeditions, enhanced graphics, multiplayer... The list of additions is really big, but if you think that they are done you are in for a surprise. Hello Games has just released another expansion update for No Man's Sky.

Interceptor is huge

No Man's Sky: Interceptor expands the game with plenty of novelties. Corruption has arrived in the game and can now spread through planets. It takes the form of strange purple crystals that will have a negative influence on sentinels, making them more aggressive and granting them additional abilities. Facing them and harvesting corruption nodes will give you the opportunity of using new Sentinel technology that radically changes the game. The update also introduces new forms of exploring the universe. You can now hunt down your favorite Sentinel Interceptor ships and salvage them for your own use. 



On the technical side, the Interceptor update adds a wide range of performance and visual improvements, especially on Xbox consoles, whose owners will notice a more consistent and smoother frame rate in complex scenes.

If you want to know all the details about No Man's Sky: Interceptor you can read the patch notes on the official website of the game. To get your No Man's Sky CD key cheap, all you have to do is use our comparator.

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