No Man's Sky adds its first new race

No Man's Sky adds its first new race

When we mention No Man's Sky we need to talk about the impressive and unique journey that the game has gone through. Hello Games launched the first version of the space exploration game seven years ago, and it was a success despite it being labeled as a "walking simulator" by many. Its vibrant scenarios and simple mechanics were enough to captivate many players, but nobody expected what was to come. The British studio has been expanding its game with a plethora of updates that have turned No Man's Sky into an amazing experience that has surpassed all expectations. From multiplayer, living spaceships, new exploration mechanics, and combat to VR support, the list of additions to the game is beyond impressive, but what makes it all really surprising is that all of them have been completely free.

You are not alone in the stars

You would think that seven years after the release of No Man's Sky the developer should be done with it, but it's just the opposite. Hello Games plans to keep adding exciting features to its creation, and the latest one will surprise the fans of the game as it includes a brand-new race. Among other things, the No Man's Sky: Echoes update features a plethora of additional content for the game, including spaceship destruction, enhanced freighter combat, fearsome pirate dreadnoughts, and new activities for the players to engage in.

The most significant addition of the free update to No Man's Sky is a new mechanical race: the Autophage. You will investigate the origins of these mysterious robotic constructs in a new storyline that will allow you to discover the secrets of their origin. Their arrival will change the way you interact with the universe in No Man's Sky.



The No Man's Sky: Echoes update is already available and it includes many more changes. You can check them all out on the official website of the game. As usual, the best prices to buy No Man's Sky cheap are available with our comparator. The only question is, what will Hello Games add to this masterpiece next?

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