Combat gets improved in No Man's Sky

Combat gets improved in No Man's Sky

We are quite used to Hello Games to improve No Man's Sky with additional content for free. Many aspects of the game have been enhanced since it was released, and it's now far different than the adventure game that it was in its origins. VR support, multiplayer, and a plethora of other new features and mechanics have changed No Man's Sky into a fully-fledged open-world adventure with a deep focus on exploration that you can share with your friends on several platforms. In fact, Hello Games announced an upcoming release on Nintendo Switch, but the developer also continues to expand the content in the game with new additions and changes.

This time it's the turn for combat, which can be considered rudimentary and has always been the weaker feature of No Man's Sky. Today, the game receives a new update called Sentinel, which adds quite a few novelties to enhance the combat system. Players will have a broader range of weapons at their disposal with the addition of the new Neutron Cannon and the Paralysis Mortar. Also, a new Cloaking Device will be perfect for ambushing enemies. The patch also includes modifications to some other weapons already in the game to make them more effective and appealing to the players. 



The Sentinel update also adds three different types of Sentinel drones to the game. Summoner Drones, Heavy Combat Drones, and Repair Drones have arrived to reinforce your enemies, who are becoming a much bigger threat thanks to several other enhancements. 

Although this update will definitely change the way players approach combat in No Man's Sky, it also brings other changes to the game. You can check them all out in the official Sentinel update patch notes

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