No Man's Sky arrives for Switch this summer

No Man's Sky arrives for Switch this summer

We have talked about the incredible post-launch evolution of No Man's Sky quite a few times. The game started as something similar to a walking simulator with a deep focus on space exploration when it was released in 2016, and it was good enough to catch the attention of many players. But the best would come later. 

Hello Games has added a metric ton of content and features to the game, which is now an incredible adventure that takes you across a universe full of surprises. Multiplayer and VR support, new gameplay modes, bases and exocraft vehicles, procedurally generated missions, and plenty of other exciting features give shape to an exciting video game that continues to get additional updates with new surprises now and then. The most amazing thing about the game is that all that content has been added to No Man's Sky for free, and the game does not even include microtransactions. You buy the game, and you get access to the full experience.

With No Man's Sky in a much better state, there are other ways of expanding the game. One of them ios launching it on platforms where it was not available before, and that's exactly what will happen with Nintendo Switch very soon. A No Man's Sky port for the hybrid console was announced yesterday during a Nintendo Direct. This version will include all the updates released for the game on other platforms and may even include some surprises. Hello Games has confirmed that they will be revealing more information about the Nintendo Switch version of No Man's Sky in the coming months.



If you want to experience an epic survival adventure across the stars in an open-world universe, No Man's Sky is one of your best available choices. Hello Games continues to be focused on the development of the game, and they will probably add more content in the future. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best prices to buy your No Man's Sky code on all platforms.

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