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Frontiers update brings settlements into No Man's Sky

Frontiers update brings settlements into No Man's Sky

Every time we talk about No Man's Sky, Hello Games has added a brand new update with exciting features to the game. It's quite noteworthy that a game branded as a "walking simulator" at launch has grown so much over the years: It currently offers a complete space exploration experience with multiplayer features and even VR support. But what is definitely unusual is that the developer has added all the new features without charging players a dime. All No Man's Sky updates to date have been free. You just need to purchase the game to get access to everything, and that's a refreshing novelty in a world full of microtransactions, DLC, and content behind paywalls.

In fact, Hello Games has just released a new update for No Man's Sky. Frontiers makes the game even bigger with the addition of settlements. You will be able to find small towns bustling with life from now on when you visit alien planets. Those will completely change the way you approach exploration in the game, allowing you for a bit of social interaction with its residents. You may even be elected as the Overseer and choose to help them develop into much bigger settlements or protect them from threats. The Frontiers update will completely change No Man's Sky gameplay, and it's probably the most significant addition since base-building was implemented.



The Frontiers update also includes a good number of visual enhancements, plenty of new construction elements for your base, a new seasonal expedition, and more. You can check out the whole patch notes here if you want more details. Of course, if you don't own No Man's Sky yet, all you have to do is visiting our comparator to find it at the best price.

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