No Man's Sky surprises players with a biological ship

No Man's Sky surprises players with a biological ship

Hello Games has managed to create an incredible game with No Man's Sky, but even more amazing is the capability of the British studio to evolve their game after the release. A game that was accused of being a "walking simulator" has become a very solid option for those that enjoy discovering new universes, with a gameplay that is based on exploration, survival, combat, and trading. No Man's Sky has changed a lot since it was originally released in August 2016 on PC and it's now a title that's available on several platforms and that has multiplayer options and a wide range of novelties. It's quite remarkable that all the new features that have been included in the game with posteriority to the release are available to all players for free.

Not too long ago the developers of No Man's Sky added a music and audio tool that allows players to create their own effects and music for the game. The range of novelties in storage for the game seems to be quite wide and after the latest update players are able to experiment with a new toy. This time they will be able to grow a biological spaceship from an egg.



The Living Ship update adds a new spaceship that will allow the players to travel through the universe of No Man's Sky like never before. You will have to complete a chain of missions to incubate your egg and hatch your new ship. Upgrading it will also take some time because it can not be done by conventional means. Instead of doing it in the usual way you will have to hatch and evolve new procedural upgrades to grow your own custom ship.

The update also fixes some bugs and adds a series of quality of life changes and significant GPU optimizations that improve game performance and will make the No Man's Sky experience even more immersive. You can check all the details about The Living Ship update on the official website of the game.



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