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No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update is coming this month

No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update is coming this month
No Man's Sky is not your usual game. The survival title from Hello Games puts a whole galaxy at your disposal so you can explore it however you like. Although it started as a simple exploration game, the game has received several updates that have added more features since it launched in 2016 and now it´s a full-fledged adventure. You can enjoy your time in the game discovering new places, building your own base, gathering resources, trading, and engaging in combat with alien factions as you travel through many planets. Developer Hello Games has announced that they have a new update on the way for No Man's Sky and that it's coming on August 14th.

Under the name of Beyond, this massive update will be as game-changing as the previous ones. It will improve the game in three different areas, but we only know about two of them so far. First of all, Beyond is expanding multiplayer social options in No Man's Sky so all the players can play together online in new ways. Keep in mind that the game didn't have any multiplayer features at launch so even if the new changes have not been detailed, we expect that the game will become something like an MMO. The second big change coming to No Man's Sky with the Beyond update is that the game will support VR. In the case of this game, we could say that playing it with a VR device sounds like the right thing to do because of the level of immersion that players can experience. The game really feels like if it has been made to be played in VR from the start. You can understand it better if you watch the following video that gives you a small taste of it.

The best thing about No Man's Sky's Beyond is that it will be completely free for all the players that have the game, just like the previous updates. We can't wait to learn more about what this update will bring to the game.
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