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No Man’s Sky Gets The Path Finder Update

No Man’s Sky Gets The Path Finder Update

The guys and girls from Hello Games are working really hard to bring as many free content updates to No Man's Sky as possible, to redeem themselves for a rather disappointing launch. Their newest update is called the Path Finder Update, and it's bringing planetary vehicles to No Man's Sky, alongside lots of other things that will improve the overall experience of this exploration/survival video game.

The things that were added in the Path Finder Update include: PlayStation 4 Pro support, improved visuals, the ability to own multiple ships, bases can now be shared online, Exocrafts (new vehicles), Permadeath mode, Vehicle Race Tracks that can be built, Specializations and Classes for ships, more base building variety, Multi-tool specializations and classes, brand new weapon modes, a Photo mode, a Discovery Menu, various quality of life improvements, and some more original music from 65daysofstatic.



Now, let's talk about some major additions, like the Exocraft. You have three Exocraft vehicles to unlock and collect through Base Building, and all of them are used to explore even the most treacherous environments with great speed. Each one can also get upgraded with devastating weapons, mining equipment, and useful long-range scanners. Another big feature is the introduction of the brutal Permadeath mode. This mode is as difficult as the Survival mode (that is even harder now that damaged ships crash land on planets), but here you die and you don't come back, as all of your saves get wiped. But, since these modes are quite challenging, they also include new Trophies exclusive to the Survival and the new Permadeath mode.

The photo mode will also let you take screenshots of the pretty environments in No Man's Sky, which got even prettier thanks to new high-resolution textures, improved lighting, and ambient occlusion. Your ships and weapons will now have specializations (scientific or fighter for example) and classes ( A, B, C, and S, which is really rare). Players can also buy more than one ship and then store them in freighters.

The Path Finder Update is bringing quite a lot of interesting features to No Man's Sky, and the game is shaping up quite nicely overall, so there may still be hope for it to become a game it was supposed to be.

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