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No Man's Sky receives more content with the Origins update

No Man's Sky receives more content with the Origins update

No Man's Sky has been a rather unusual game since it was released.Some people called it a walked simulator at launch, and although it is true that the game had very few features it still provided an amazing exploration experience that allowed you to discover a whole universe full of planets and creatures of all types. Then, developer Hello Games started adding new features and content to the game with every patch they released, until they have turned No Man's Sky into a completely different game. Multiplayer, VR support, new exploration mechanics, new vehicles, creatures and a host of other additions are now in the game making it even better. But what is most surprising about all this is that all of those additions are completely free, and that's something quite rare nowadays, since you pretty much are charged for any kind of relevant content that is added to most video games post launch.



No Man's Sky Origins update is not any different and it brings more free content to the game in the form of new planets to explore, systems with multiple stars, a brand new interface with different colors and style, and more. This update is focused on adding variety to the planets you explore in the game, including their landscapes, the types of alien flora and fauna that you will discover, the different biomes present in the planets and even the cloud coverage and color. You will also be able to discover ancient buildings that hide the secrets of old civilizations and some planets have been infested with anomalous lifeforms that could be dangerous. Finally, Photo Mode has been revamped with more filters and new options, and a wide range of planetary atmospheric visuals, weather effects, and modifications to several aspects of the game have been added too. The list of additions and changes is quite long and you can check them all in the official No Man's Sky website.

If you ever thought that the game offered you a repetitive experience at some point, No Man's Sky Origins update is definitely going to change your oppinion by adding a whole new range of possibilities to the game. 

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