Hello Games adds mechs to No Man's Sky

Hello Games adds mechs to No Man's Sky

The developers of No Man's Sky have added a lot of content to the game since it was originally launched, and they don't plan to stop. With every update, they add a new feature and although not all of them bring major changes to the game, they all contribute to making the game better for the players one way or another. No Man's Sky is the perfect example of how a video game should evolve over the years, starting rather simple but delivering a great experience, and getting enhanced as time passes. Every small bit counts and this time Hello Games has added a new way of exploring the universe of No Man's Sky: the Minotaur Exocraft.

The Minotaur Heavy Exosuit Hybrid is a mechanized suit that allows you to traverse the surface of a planet while protecting you from hostile environments. Despite its size, it will grant you notable freedom of movement due to its powerful jetpack. It's also equipped with a mining laser that serves both as a tool to gather materials and as a weapon, so you will be able to defend yourself from hostile creatures while you are piloting the Minotaur mechanized walker.



But this is not the only addition that the latest update has brought to No Man's Sky, and all players will have access to a number of new technologies that will let them, for example, to recharge engines with solar energy, scan surrounding terrain revealing points of interest, or summon your different exocraft from your freighter providing that they are on the same star system.

The Exo Mech update also adds visual improvements and a few new options that will make building your bases much easier. Of course, the best thing about all those novelties is that all players will have access to them for free, like every other previous addition to No Man's Sky

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