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No Man's Sky features enhanced graphics now

No Man's Sky features enhanced graphics now

No Man's Sky is quite a different game than the one that was originally released in 2016. Hello Games has been following a policy with its space exploration game that is quite admirable and rather unusual nowadays: the studio has been focusing on improving the game via free updates. No Man's Sky has evolved from a very basic game that many called a "walking simulator" into a huge space exploration and survival title with plenty of new features that can be enjoyed even in VR. Every now and then, the developer surprises us with a new free update that adds content to the game, ranging from small additions to major updates that are completely game-changing. You get access to all that once you purchase the game since No Man's Sky does not feature microtransactions either.

Nobody can say that this monetization model is not profitable for Hello Games, as they have managed to secure a stable player base for their game and they continue to follow their original policy. They have just launched a new free update for No Man's Sky called Prisms, which overhauls the graphics in the game thanks to new visual features. Screen space reflection (SSR) technology enhances the lighting in reflective surfaces, new volumetric lighting effects help to create a more immersive atmosphere, hyperdrive warp experience has been completely reworked, and support for DLSS technology has been added to the game. As a result, No Man's Sky looks even better than before on all platforms. But the Prisms update also adds a new range of alien lifeforms that you can tame and adopt as your companions as you explore the vast universe of the game.



If you compare No Man's Sky to the majority of other video games in the market, you will probably end thinking that Hello Games' policy should be followed by many other developers. If you are yet to discover the game, you can find it at the best price in our comparator, knowing that it will most likely continue to receive more updates in the future.

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