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Unlock Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 in No Man's Sky

Unlock Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 in No Man's Sky

Hello Games has been periodically expanding No Man's Sky with new features and additional content since the game was released. In a certain way, the game is more like a live service than other titles that claim that name for themselves. The best of all is that all the new content is available for free to all players. This content even includes some events that have been available for a limited time only. 



One of these events is what occupies us today. If you are a seasoned space explored in No Man's Sky, you probably have already unlocked Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 ship. To get this unique starship, you had to complete four different expeditions that were available in the game. 

If you missed them for any reason, you would be glad to know that Hello Games is bringing them back once more. Therefore, you have a second chance to add the Normandy SR1 to your list of available starships in No Man's Sky. Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray explains it in a statement:


"As a one off, we wanted to give people who missed out on any of this year's expeditions another chance to experience the unique challenges and rewards they offered over this Thanksgiving and Christmas period, when life slows down a bit and hopefully gives us all more free time! We've even managed to bring back the Normandy as a reward for those who missed out, which I know so many have asked for."


There are four different expeditions. You can complete the first one already, and it will be available until December 7. The second expedition is the one that gives you the Normandy SR1 frigate as a reward, and you can try it from December 8 to December 21. Another two will follow, running from December 22 to January 4 and from January 5 to January 9. Each of the expeditions provides different rewards, and it's worth completing all of them.



Whether you are a fan of the Mass Effect series or not, this is a perfect moment to purchaseNo Man's Sky and take part in these limited-time events. Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best game deals and buy No Man's Sky cheap anytime. 

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