No Man's Sky has a new expedition

No Man's Sky has a new expedition

Whether it's a huge update full of content or a patch with some smaller addition, Hello Games has not stopped improving No Man's Sky since the game's launch. About a month ago, the Outlaws update added lots of novelties to the game, including the option of becoming a true space pirate. Now the developer expands the game with additional seasonal content that comes in the form of a new expedition.

The Leviathan

Unlike other expeditions that were present in No Man's Sky before, Leviathan is a new type of experience. All players that take part in it start at the same location, but Hello Games uses a time loop mechanic to turn it into a roguelike adventure where you lose all your progress if you die. Expeditions are live events that involve many players, and in this case, the objective is that the community finds a way to escape the time loop. 



Each player that explores the loop can gather Memory Fragments. These are lost remnants of previous loops that manifest as procedurally generated technology that the players can use. The more players participate, the stronger the Memory Fragments become and the better the technology, allowing players to progress more into the event with each try. At the core of the expedition is the ancient space creature that shares its name, the Leviathan.

The Leviathan expedition will be available for all No Man's Sky players at no additional cost, like all the other content that has been released for the game since its launch. You can get some special rewards if you participate, including the Leviathan itself as a new organic capital starship in your fleet. The event will be available for six weeks. After that, it will become a Survival Mode. 

Hello Games continues to surprise us by taking No Man's Sky beyond the limits. If you want to explore the universe of the game, you can find your No Man's Sky CD Key at the best price on our website.

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