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Become a pirate in No Man's Sky

Become a pirate in No Man's Sky

Hello Games continues to have surprises in store for No Man's Sky, and the game has just received a new update called Outlaws, which comes full of additional content. Pirates are nothing new in the game, but they are taking a more prominent role with this update. They have stopped being an annoyance to become a real threat after occupying several star systems, which are now unpoliced and open to illegal activities.

The criminal underworld of No Man's Sky has been completely overhauled, and you can now join the ranks of the pirates. If you are looking for a new field of business, piracy comes up as a new opportunity, as you can now create your own criminal empire, buy items from the black market, smuggling goods, forge passports, and more. Of course, that means that you may have problems with the Sentinels, but you now can recruit a group of wingmen to help you in your endeavors across the No Man's Sky universe. Keep in mind that you can still hunt down pirates if you decide to stay on the rightful side of the law, and that piracy is a risky business because other criminals may also attack you to get rid of the competition.



The Outlaws update also adds a new type of spaceship, the Solar Ship, a versatile starship class perfect for long-range travels, which you should be able to find across the universe. It also enhances and rebalances many aspects of space combat in No Man's Sky and adds The Blighted expedition, a new narrative-driven adventure that will take you across the galaxy in search of a mysterious treasure.

You can discover all the details about the Outlaws update on the game's official website, but the best place to get your No Man's Sky CD Key is always our comparator. We highly recommend this ever-growing open-world space adventure with a deep focus on exploration.

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