No Man's Sky adds a new universe to explore

No Man's Sky adds a new universe to explore

Those who have been playing No Man's Sky for a while are not strange to Hello Games adding novelties to the game via free updates. The game was originally released as a sort of empty shell that has been filled up with content over the years, all of it available for free. In fact, the game is so different now, that those who never experienced its beginnings would never understand how it would be deemed as a "walking simulator" back in its origins. The universe of the game is now much bigger and it allows for an exciting space exploration experience where you can set your own path through the stars. However, eight years of continuous updates have not been enough for the developer, who has just released a new patch full of content.


The latest update for No Man's Sky adds a brand-new expedition to the game. Adrift lets you explore an alternative universe where you will be completely alone. This universe is almost devoid of lifeforms and it's in ruins. Sandworms and fiend eggs can be counted as the only dangers that you will face as you explore it, but you will have to do it solo and without any help. Immersing in such an adventure will be somewhat similar to visiting the ancient past of No Man's Sky, but you will have to be prepared to survive by yourself as all means of communication and interaction with other players will also be severed.

"The galaxy has been abandoned. There is no life to be seen anywhere – no aliens, no operational space stations, none of the usual network of shops and buildings."

"Though everyone will awaken on the desolate, worm-infested planet Iapezuk, you will not be together in the usual sense. The boundaries between realities have thickened. Communication is consumed by static. Even the usually-bustling Space Anomaly is eerily silent."

If you manage to survive this expedition you will be able to unlock a range of exclusive collectables that include a new companion, a ghostly frigate, the brand-new Iron Vulture starship, and new ship customization options. Make sure to embark on this expedition as soon as possible, since it's a limited-time event and Hello Games has not confirmed if it will be available later.



The recent release of Omega and Orbital updates added plenty of content to the game, and Adrift is a nice complement. Make sure to visit our comparator to check out the best deals on No Man's Sky codes if you have yet to discover this unique space exploration adventure that gets bigger and better as time passes.

May 30, 2024, 12:27 PM
oh sweet! right when i have the game now. the redemption arc strikes again!
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