Discover No Man's Sky's Omega update for free

Discover No Man's Sky's Omega update for free

It's been eight years already since No Man's Sky began its journey. Since then, the game has changed a lot because Hello Games has been constantly enhancing it via free updates. Multiplayer, VR support, additional features, and bucketloads of content have turned the game into a fully-fledged adventure that gives you plenty of freedom to explore a vast galaxy as you please. No Man's Sky wasn't a game for everyone in its beginnings, but now it delivers an experience that captivates everyone who gives it a try.

Try it for free for a limited time

If you think that Hello Games is done with No Man's Sky after eight years you will be very far from the truth. The studio keeps releasing additional content for the game, which continues to be available to all those who own the game for free. This level of commitment to a game and its community is rarely seen in the world of video games. Surprisingly, things are getting even better, especially for those who have yet to discover what No Man's Sky has to offer. Hello Games offers everyone the possibility of trying all the content included in its latest update until next Monday.

Update 4.5 for No Man's Sky is also known as Omega. It includes a new expedition that will have you visiting planet Nafut Gamma as you investigate a mystery. If you complete it, you will have access to unique rewards. Omega also adds several new features to the game, including the Starborn Runner starship, new planetary missions, and improvements to some gameplay systems. You can download the free trial for the Omega update and check additional information about the features on the game's official site.



If you try the Omega expedition and decide that No Man's Sky is a game for you, all you need to do to get a No Man's Sky at the best price is use our comparator. Remember that you will have access to all the content released throughout the last eight years for an epic experience that will take you across the galaxy.

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