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The Division 2 – A major update brings new content

The Division 2 – A major update brings new content

The studio had said that content would be added regularly for at least a year after the release of the game. Well, it's being done, since a major free update arrives today, Invasion: The Battle for D.C. We talked about it in a previous article, but the content was more detailed, through a video, which explains the progress of operations.



The introduction of Invasion: The Battle for D.C. will be done through three updates:

The first comes today with the addition of Tidal Basin, a new fortress defended by the Black Tusks. It is described as "the most dangerous and heavily armed" in the game. Finishing Tidal Basin will allow you to progress in Tier 5 and unlock equipment up to level 500. Two new exotic weapons are also introduced: Pestilence, a light machine gun, and Nemesis, a sniper rifle; as well as three new sets of equipment: Hard Wired, Ongoing Directive and True Patriot, with bonuses of their own. A new event called "Ready to Wear" will also allow you to win cosmetic items such as outfits and skins for your weapons. Finally, a new PvP map, Fort McNair, will be available too.

The second update will introduce Operation Dark Hours, an 8-player raid in which you will have to take control of the city. To achieve this, you will need to show coordination and team spirit. Players with Year 1 Pass, included in Gold and Ultimate editions of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, will also have access to the first Classified Assignments, in which they will discover the reasons for their coming to Washington DC, and will be able to win exclusive items to personalize their agents.

Finally, the fourth specialization along with its associated weapon will be the latest addition to this Invasion: The Battle for D.C. update. For Year 1 Pass holders, it will be unlocked upon release, the date of which is still unknown. For other players, they will need to unlock it in game. If you have not tried The Division 2 yet, visit our comparator to find the best deals online.

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