The Division 2 introduces three new gear sets

The Division 2 introduces three new gear sets

New gear sets are coming for you – Hard Wired, True Patriot, and Ongoing Directive.

The Division 2 introduced new gear sets for all players to find. The gear sets have unique bonuses and you can only get them when you meet certain requirements. Aside from that, remember that you must be at least a World Tier 4 to be able to access the Tidal Basis Stronghold. As mentioned above, there are three new gear sets namely:

  • Hard Wired
  • True Patriot
  • Ongoing Directive

You must collect six pieces for each set. To do that, go to the Project tab and click on the missions and activities linked to each set. Let’s start with the first one, the Hard Wired gear set.



The Division 2’s Hard Wired gear set

This gear set is by far the most difficult and the most challenging one to find.

Upon reaching Tier 5 you will get a new project to complete, the Hard Wired Prototype Project. There are various Hard Wired components and you must complete the series of missions to unlock all of them. You will be looking for six different blueprints in total. You need to find and collect six components and then donate them to the project to get the blueprints. With the Hard Wired gear set, you can get 20% extra health when wearing two pieces of the set. If you wear three, you will get an additional 20% Increased Shock Duration. Wearing four pieces will get you 20% skill power, and five pieces will give you the Tamper Proof bonus that electrifies your deployed skill like Hive, Pulse Sensor, Turrets so they shock enemies that get too close once every ten seconds. If you have all the six pieces the Feedback Loop bonus will reset your cooldowns and grant you bonus damage and repair to all skills once every fifteen seconds when performing certain actions.

The Division 2’s True Patriot gear set

This is an impressive and the most epic gear set of the three. True Patriot also includes six pieces that you must find and collect.

Wearing two pieces gives you +10% Damage to Armor, three pieces give you +10% Protection from Elites, and wearing four pieces gives you 10% Total Armour. With five pieces, you will get the Red, White, and Blue bonuses. When shotting enemies, you will apply a debuff that cycles through the three colors every four seconds; red decreases the damage from your opponents, white restores armor to friendlies that shoot affected targets, and blue boosts the cooldown reduction of friendlies who shoot affected enemies. If you wear all the six pieces then you will get the Full Flag Bonus, that increases the damage you do to enemies by 25%.

The Division 2’s Ongoing Directive gear set

Finally, the last new gear set from The Division 2 is the Ongoing Directive gear set. When you equip two pieces, you’ll have a 20% increase in Weapon Handling. If you wear three, that’s 25% Burn Damage, and wearing four pieces gives you 25% bleed damage. If you collect all five, you will have the Emergency Requisition bonus that makes you automatically collect every combat resource within forty meters of your position every 30 seconds. If you happen to wear all six pieces of the set, you will unlock The Right Too bonus, that grants you extra special ammo for your unequipped weapons every time you kill an enemy. Gathering all the new gear sets in The Division 2 is going to be a daunting task for players, so stay focused and work hard for it, the bonuses are really worth it.

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