The Division 2’s endgame content arrives next week

The Division 2’s endgame content arrives next week

Contents include Tidal Basin and Tier 5. 

Massive Entertainment announced that The Division 2’s first post-release content will be out on April 5th. Players will be excited to hear that the upcoming update is free for everyone and it isn’t part of the season pass exclusive adventures that are also coming soon in the game.

The Division 2’s Endgame contents Among the additions, you will find Tidal Basin stronghold missions and Tier 5. Ubisoft has claimed that the Tidal Basin stronghold will be the biggest and the most difficult boss-centric scenario in the game. It will be similar to the Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid. Players can expect that it's packed with killbots. This is the fourth and final stronghold that was promised when the game was released, and it will serve as the gateway to the Tier 5 content. As for Tier 5, it is said to be the game’s hardest and highest gear level. Tier 5 includes most of the game’s usual endgame content including the possibility of repeating strongholds that you’ve already completed for extra loot. It also gives access to the Heroic difficulty mode, a gear score that increases up to 500 with the game’s first three gear sets (True Patriot, Hard Wired, and Ongoing Directive). Tier 5 is very promising as players can repeat Invasions and add heroic difficulty to the game. It will be the hardest challenge in The Division 2 so far. There are several rewards in Heroic difficulty but of course, the missions and the checkpoint clearing are extremely difficult. Heroic difficulty is accessible for all the players who want to take on more challenges.




This update comes at a very good time for Massive as they will also release some fixes to deal with some issues in the game. It will feature performance improvements related to the frame rate drops, scaling issues, and more. We’ll be writing about it once the patch is out tomorrow. There will be three more planned content updates that are coming to The Division 2. The first one is due this summer, the second arrives in autumn, and the last update arrives in winter.

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