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The Division 2’s Dark Hours has been finally completed in PS4 and Xbox One

The Division 2’s Dark Hours has been finally completed in PS4 and Xbox One

The light has shone for the first team who finished Tom Clancy's The Division 2’s Dark Hours.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2’s Dark Hours, the first eight-players raid for the game was launched on May 16th and right from the time it became available players around the globe had been engaged in a frenetic competition to finish the challenges and ultimately get the coveted record of being first in the raid leader boards. It wasn’t much of struggle for the PC users as the first record was achieved just five hours after the launch. But the same could not be said for console users. For many hours after the launch, the leaderboards for PS4 and Xbox One remained empty. Many were accounting it to the limitations of the controllers and the 30 fps cap on consoles. Some were also thinking that the raid was too difficult but all that was proved false when the first PS4 team cleared the raid.

Days after the launch of the raid a couple of teams appeared in the console leaderboard for PS4 and Xbox One. It took 36 hours for the first team to clear the raid in PS4 and 20 hours for the second team. It definitely was an intense and grueling competition for both teams. As for Xbox One, a team cleared it in 17 hours. Console finishers revealed that the key to completing The Division 2’ Dark Hours is just teamwork. It is cliche at best but it works at all times. Caraway, one of the players who cleared the PS4 first added that teams should not focus on scoring a headshot, rather, they need to put their attention on making RAW damage. Caraway’s team finished it in 36 hours with a 5-hour break and several interruptions due to server errors and blue screen crashes during the fight against the final boss called Razorback. They had to give it a try for two times before they finally wiped out all the enemies.



After that, the time frame for finishing the game has decreased dramatically. Long gone are the five hours time completion for PC users as others can now finish it in under 24 minutes. If that’s not impressive, then I don’t know what is.  You can find the best price for The  Division 2 in our comparator and give it a try too. Let's see how long does it take you to finish it.

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