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The Division 2: Codename Nightmare has been canceled

The Division 2: Codename Nightmare has been canceled

Even though the concept of a game as a service has not completely been accepted for some players, The Division 2 is quite a successful game. Released in March 2019, the number of copies of the game sold exceeded the 10 million mark last spring, proof that even if the economic model of the game is strongly criticized by some, it did not prevent it from selling. It must be said that The Division 2 model also allows players to always have new content in the game, and that is precisely what interests us today. 

During the Ubisoft Forward that took place in September, a roadmap for the coming months was revealed. But Ubisoft has decided to change its plans for The Division 2 since then. They announced a new PvE mode, The Summit, the start of Season 4 this month, and a special event dubbed Codename Nightmare for this winter. The latter will ultimately not take place as the development having been disrupted by the pandemic. The Division 2 players will still have some content to chew on because they will be able to collect skins and other cosmetic items starting on February 2, 2021. This is all that is left of Codename Nightmare. We knew few details about the event but it was supposed to add new gameplay elements. On the other hand, a patch for the next-gen consoles will arrive on the same date, which will allow the game to be displayed in 4K with 60 FPS.



While The Division 2 players will certainly be disappointed with the cancellation of Codename Nightmare, new content will still be coming into play very soon with the start of Season 4, which begins on December 8. If you do not yet have The Division 2 you can find it and the Warlords of New York expansion at the best price on our comparator.

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