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The Division 2: the year 1 program is consequent

The Division 2: the year 1 program is consequent

We already knew that The Division 2 is made to last. After the free update The Battle for DC deployed in April, which gave access to Tidal Bassin, new sets of equipment, and WT5, Ubisoft has compiled a list of the upcoming content at his lecture at E3 that took place yesterday. It looks like The Division 2 will keep us occupied with all the new content that is planned for the coming year. This content will be divided into three parts, or more precisely three episodes, the first of which will be available in July. Here is the program for the coming months.

Episode 1: Washington Outskirts - Expeditions

This first episode will be released in July, and it will take you through two different adventures in Washington D.C. The first is the National Zoological Park. You will have to hunt down and find Emeline Shaw, the pariah leader. Ubisoft said that the environment would be rich, with 11 different biomes. You will also come across many animals, enough to make a small safari if you are interested in wildlife. The second adventure will take you on a short walk in the woods at Camp White Oak. This time you will be after the Black Tusk, who established their camp in this hilly area, dotted with lakes and woods. This episode will also introduce Expeditions. They are described as "free playable events, where players will have the opportunity to browse previously unexplored sites in Washington DC to discover new narratives and new gameplay opportunities." On the program, new puzzles, new places, new items, and rewards.

Episode 2: Pentagon - The Last Wall

In this episode, you will have to defend the Pentagon, or rather what is left of it. Indeed, the Pentagon fell to the hands of the Black Tusks. The problem is that this place contains a limitless number of secrets and sensitive files. You will have to do anything needed to prevent them from coming out. The release of Episode 2 is scheduled for fall 2019.

Episode 3

We know very little about it, except that it will take us to Coney Island, New York. The release is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2020, so we will have to wait a little longer before knowing more.



In parallel with these announcements, Ubisoft announced at its conference that The Division 2 would be fully accessible for free from June 13 to 16.

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