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Everspace 2 has a release date on consoles

Everspace 2 has a release date on consoles

Despite the tremendous hype for the upcoming release of Starfield, there are other interesting choices if you are looking for an exciting adventure in space. Since Everspace 2 was released in April, it has kept gaining momentum and catching the eye of more and more players. The open-world space shooter from ROCKFISH Games offers the players a solid gameplay experience with lots of action and plenty of loot to gather as you explore the far reaches of the galaxy. It backs it up with role-playing elements and a crafting system that contribute to creating an immersive experience that vaguely reminisces of great classics in the genre, like Wing Commander and Elite Dangerous.

Everspace 2 keeps gaining adepts as you read this article, and it's for good reasons. With 30 hours of single-player campaign, six star systems to explore as you please, and gripping space combat mechanics, the game focuses on delivering an experience that emphasizes your freedom of choice. The game is currently available only on PC, but developer ROCKFISH Games plans to expand it to a new frontier very soon.

Everspace 2 is finally coming to consoles

The developer studio has announced the launch of Everspace 2 on consoles with a press release that accompanies a video.

“With space adventure games getting more attention than ever, we’re excited to bring EVERSPACE 2 to whole new audiences on Xbox and PlayStation this August. The two years we spent in Early Access when developing for our PC launch has served us well in the lead up to our release on consoles and we’ve used the last few months well, polishing an already rock-solid foundation. Series X and PlayStation 5 players can look forward to exploring the star systems of EVERSPACE 2 supporting 60 frames per second when we launch later this summer.”



The release date for Everspace 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series is August 15, 2023. Of course, the best deals on Everspace 2 CD keys for all platforms are available at our comparator already.

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