Everspace 2's roadmap reveals many novelties

Everspace 2's roadmap reveals many novelties

Everspace 2 is an upcoming new take on the classic space exploration and shooting genre that puts us in the cockpit of our own spaceship as we discover the secrets of the galaxy in an epic adventure. Even though the game is still in Early Access on Steam and we will have to wait for a while until we can see its final version released, developer Rockfish Games has a very clear idea of where they want to get with their shooter and it already looks like an amazing adventure that reminisces some other great games in the genre, like the Wing Commander series. The studio has revealed what new features they plan to add during 2021 showing a roadmap that is full of novelties and that will take Everspace 2 one step further towards becoming an even better experience.

The content that will arrive this year is divided into three big updates. The first one will land in April 2021 bringing new ships, a new companion, and also expanding the main storyline with missions and side missions. A few months later, a new system will be added to the game and you will be able to explore Zarkhov and take on new challenges in the Eye of the Storm. Finally, the Khait Nebula system will become available in Fall 2021, expanding the universe ofEverspace 2 and the storyline in the game. It will also add more spaceships, and increase the level cap. You can find all the details about the roadmap here.



Given the announcement made by the developer, it's quite clear that Everspace 2 has a long path to thread yet until the final version is ready. It does not mean that you cannot have fun in the game already, as it offers an exciting experience and it's quite likely to become the game to look at when looking for a single-player space shooter.

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