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You are the one in charge! Management games are all about deciding what to do with the resources available in a virtual world. These worlds themselves can be anything: a city, a restaurant, a theme park, a space colony, a whole nation, an entire planet, or something as small as a farm, a sports team, a factory, or even an ant colony! Whatever it is, it’s your job to keep it running smoothly. The whole appeal of management games is that you decide how things work in your world. This means handling limited resources so that everything or everyone under your command works efficiently and in perfect condition. Fail at that and you’ll see that things can fall apart very quickly! Management games are an immersive and addictive genre in which you’ll surely invest a lot of hours. These are games like Cities: Skylines, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, Stardew Valley and Tropico.

Reward Event Unleash your magic powers as a Triarch Magnus and fight to save your world from a tyrant in Immortals of Aveum. - 74
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