Kainga: Seeds of Civilization

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    Welcome to Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, an ancient city builder where you must manage your civilization in a fantasy world where the very environment can shape your culture.

    As the leader of your people, you must contend with weather, natural disasters, roving dangerous beasts, and other hostile tribes. With each new playthrough, the environmental factors and resources change, meaning your tribe won’t be the same as before.

    Research technologies. There are 140 types of tech that you can research to help advance your civilization. Basics include food and shelter, but you can also discover unusual types of technology, like windmills that push away storm clouds or gas that can erase memories. You decide what direction to take.

    Tame Giant Beasts. The world is teeming with enormous beasts that you will either have to live with or tame. If you succeed in befriending them, you can use them as beasts of burden or ride them into combat.

    Fight for your Tribe. Beware of assaults from land and sea. Defend your people with swords, bows, guns, and more weapons you can research. Most of all, defend your Thinker, a slow-moving unit that can discover new technology.

    Death is always a possibility in Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, but every new playthrough includes the technologies you have unlocked and achievements you’ve accomplished, ensuring your people will get stronger over time.

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