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    Buy and train all kinds of gladiators in a strategic battle simulator. Gladiator Guild Manager will allow you to build unique teams, expand your guild, plan out fight tactics, and progress through championships. Choose which gladiator to enter each fight, and instruct their behaviors and positions.

    Your strategy will determine the outcome of each battle. Pay close attention to your enemies and learn their moves in order to counter them with ease. Your main goals are to conquer arenas, rise through ranks, and win monthly championships. The game allows you to form unique teams as you progress through it. Expand your guild's ranks and hire various types of gladiators, from mages, beats, rangers, warriors, and many more.

    Each fighter has his own benefits, ranging from cheap but ineffective to expensive but deadly. You will be able to trade your champions on the market and choose from new gladiators on their arrival. Level up your team and unleash your creativity. Equip them with powerful items, traits, and equipment, and compliment each other for efficiency. Face diverse battles and take advantage of the changing weather conditions that affect gladiators to gain the upper hand.

    Change the world around you with the different quests offered by the ones in need of your gladiators. Gain reputation with different factions and learn about the world. Depending on your allegiance, you'll be able to aid the progress of magic, the poor, or support the district and the kingdom. Fight horrifying boss monsters in side quests and put your gladiators to the ultimate test.

    Each new game randomizes items, quirks, and available gladiators, allowing you to choose different tactics and approaches. Choose the difficulty of your liking and have a relaxed experience or play the hard mode where every little decision carries dire consequences. There's even a greater challenging mode, where you will have a time limit, or permadeath mode, where you won't be able to resurrect fallen gladiators.

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    Comments on Gladiator Guild Manager

    Jun 29, 2024, 3:57 AM
    a cool NPC battle simulator game. artstyle reminds me of Kingdom Rush

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