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    Build a colony in a remote region of space as a sentient AI in Stardeus, a base-building sci-fi strategy game inspired by Rimworld and Factorio. With your army of drones and your crew of human colonists, you must turn a wrecked starship into a thriving community, no matter what it takes.

    An emergency has struck your starship. You must use your drones to repair the catastrophic damage to your vessel before your hibernating human crew dies. Using your limited resources you must repurpose, repair, and rebuild your floundering ship. With enough time, you can build it according to your own design, being careful to balance life support systems, heat, and oxygen to keep your humans alive. 

    With your colonists awake, put them immediately to work. Have them explore deep space and discover new worlds to exploit. Research advanced technologies to better survive the harsh environment you’re in. Finally, defend yourself against all manner of threats—invasive alien species, space pirates, and random events determined by the game. 

    Will you be a benevolent machine god or an iron tyrant? You get to choose in Stardeus.

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