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    Among Us is an incredibly fun party game for 4 to 10 players in which you play as a member of the crew of a spaceship. You need to complete a series of tasks in order to get the ship functioning but one or more of the players hide a terrible secret. Their real mission is to murder everyone in the spaceship! 

    To win the game in Among Us you have to complete all the tasks needed for the departure of the ship or eject all the Impostors. If you are one of those you will have to kill all of the crew members. If you are part of the crew you can use the surveillance cameras, report sabotages, and call for meetings to talk about suspicious behavior. If you are an impostor you need to be very careful when you kill others and sabotage the ship. You can frame others, sneak silently through the vents, and close doors to trap your victims, and prevent being discovered while killing them.

    You can play Among Us via local wifi or online and the game offers crossplay between PC and mobile devices.


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