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Among Us is finally available on Nintendo Switch

Among Us is finally available on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are now able to leave aside their mobile phones and start playing Among Us on their consoles. It's been a long time since the game became a hit on all platforms, but the long wait is finally over and Among Us is finally available on Nintendo Switch. 

With rather simple gameplay mechanics and cartoonish graphics, the huge success of the game comes from a heavy level of interaction with the players, who are the ones that really turn the game into an exciting experience. In Among Us, the crew of a spaceship has to complete a series of tasks to keep it in good shape while they return home. But one of them has been replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter whose aim is to get rid of all the others without being detected. Once The Impostor kills someone and a body is found, there will be a vote and players can argue about who the culprit is and exile the selected one into deep space. This continues until The Impostor is caught or he eliminates all the crew members. Most of you probably know all this because Among Us is incredibly popular right now and it has been the origin of countless memes and videos on all social media platforms. Being available on PC and mobile devices has also contributed a lot to making the game huge.



The release of Among Us on Nintendo Switch comes right after the full reveal of a new map called the Airship which is coming to the game in early 2021. It will feature new mechanics, puzzles, and surprises that will make the game even more interesting and take your levels of paranoia to new heights. As usual, if you want to find the best price to purchase Among Us, all you have to do is using our comparator anytime.

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