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InnerSloth cancels Among Us 2

InnerSloth cancels Among Us 2

Among Us may not ring a bell for many of you, but if you have probably seen and an endless number of memes and gags with the colorful cosmonauts of the incredibly fun party game that has become quite a sensation in the last few months. In Among Us, you play as a crew member that has to complete tasks to get a spaceship ready for departure or as an Impostor whose objective is to prevent that to happen by sabotaging the ship and killing everyone else. The mechanics in Among Us are rather simple, but the game is incredibly fun with cross-play support with mobile devices and local multiplayer via wifi. It's so fun and popular and it's doing so well that developer InnerSloth has decided to cancel its sequel to focus on improving the features in Among Us.



In a blog post published recently, InnerSloth said that the code base for the game is "outdated" and that they were aiming to adjust it in the sequel. But the exponential increase in the popularity of Among Us has been accompanied by a similar increase in the number of players in the game. Therefore, they have decided to focus all their efforts and the plans they had for Among Us 2 into the current game. 

“All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1.This is probably the more difficult choice because it means going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it.”

This is great news for those that already have the game because they won't have to buy another game to keep having fun with their friends in Among Us. Also, the player base won't be split at any point due to the release of a new game.

If you are looking for a good party game to have fun with your friends, Among Us is one of your best options right now.

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