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Among Us Update Lets You Play A Shapeshifter

Among Us Update Lets You Play A Shapeshifter

It’s been a while since major changes were made to Among Us, which is really not surprising given how well the gameplay works. But now, a new update alters that dynamic with the addition of new roles to play: Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter.



Among Us has proven to be a popular party game, but these new roles are sure to give it more of a strategic approach. The roles are as follows: 

  • Scientist - this role gives the player the ability to remotely tell if someone died, without needing to find the body
  • Engineer - a Crewmate who can enter vents just like the Impostor
  • Guardian Angel - a dead Crewmate who can shield a living Crewmate once from certain death, allowing that Crewmate to escape and hopefully report the Imposter to the rest of the ship.
  • Shapeshifter - An Imposter who can take on the appearance of any Crewmate playing in the game, down to their color and their cosmetics. This opens up all kinds of shenanigans for the Imposter. They can frame Crewmates for committing sabotage or hide from the Crew. The downside of the Shapeshifter is that it takes time to change your form, meaning you can get caught if you aren’t someplace out of the way. Also, Shapeshifters leave some kind of evidence when they change forms, which will raise the Crew’s suspicion if found.

Apart from the new roles, the update also introduced new cosmetics that you can buy. Playing the game nets Bean currency which you can use to purchase common items, but premium ones can be bought using Stars, which you need to buy if you want them. 



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