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    Black Book takes you on a fantasy journey through a dark world steeped in Slavic mythology. In this fusion between a card-based RPG and an adventure game, you play a young girl named Vasilisa, a young witch who is set to be married. However, when her fiance dies mysteriously, she throws away everything in search of the Black Book. A powerful and unholy artifact, the Book is said to grant a wish to any who can uncover its seven seals. Vasilisa then travels the countryside, helping the common folk and exorcising demonic forces as she pursues her goal.

    Draw upon powerful magic forces. Combine cards to create spells to unleash upon your foes. Collect more cards and skills as you continue on your quest. 

    Command demonic servants. Summon demons to do your bidding—just remember, they will turn their mischief on you if you keep them idle. 

    Explore the country. Your journey will take you across a medieval Slavic countryside filled with sidequests and puzzles to solve. Choose well how you interact with NPCs, and maybe they can help you.

    Delve into Slavic Lore. Black Book is rich in Slavic folklore and mythology, expertly researched and cataloged in an in-game encyclopedia. Search the game and discover as many pieces of folklore as you can to fill your book.

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