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The highly anticipated Prison Architect sequel got delayed again

The highly anticipated Prison Architect sequel got delayed again

We've had many excellent tycoon genre games in recent years, such as Cities: Skylines II, Tropico 6, and notably Prison Architect, which achieved tremendous success with over 4 million downloads across PC, console, and mobile platforms in 2019.

Prison Architect 2 is the direct sequel to Prison Architect. Similar to the first installment, Prison Architect 2 features a construction and management simulation, where the player is tasked by the CEO of a for-profit prison company to build and manage a prison. However, the difference is that Prison Architect 2 will improve upon gameplay, be fully 3D, and allow players to construct prisons over multiple floors.

The game was announced in January 2024 by Paradox Interactive and was initially set for release on March 26, 2024, but was later delayed to May 7, 2024, in order to "fix more bugs and further optimize the game for all platforms."

On April 19, eager fans of the game received another disappointing news that Prison Architect 2 would be delayed once again from May 7th to September 3rd:

This is extremely disheartening news for fans who have been anticipating Prison Architect 2 since the beginning of the year. However, we should also sympathize with the game developers, hoping that they will do their best to deliver the best experience for players upon release. Let's trust that Prison Architect 2 will be launched in its best state.

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Apr 25, 2024, 1:57 PM
not surprising but still disappointed. 5 extra months should be enough to create a good prison game
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