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    Paradox Interactive takes the construction of cities to a new level with Cities: Skylines II, the sequel to its iconic simulation title. The second installment in the series overhauls many of the in-game mechanics and tools to deliver an experience that surpasses anything seen so far, allowing you to build any type of city that you can imagine.

    Cities: Skylines II features new systems, including an enhanced tool to build roads that is more flexible than ever, a redesigned AI that controls the way traffic moves throughout the city to make it more real, new transportation methods, and more. In the game, you can manage everything at a small scale with unprecedented levels of control and detail about many aspects of the city. Everything, from individual households to the city's economy will be under your control as you create the city of your dreams in a variety of challenging scenarios.

    In Cities: Skylines II, every small choice you make will impact the development of your city in ways you may not anticipate. It's up to you if you can design and build a city where people like to live or if your orchestrated planning makes the citizens abandon their homes looking for a better place to live.

    Cities: Skylines II also supports heavy modding and it's the most open-ended city-building sandbox ever created. With an unprecedented level of customization options, management tools, and attention to small details, it takes the series to new heights.

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    • Expansion Pass:
      • Bridges and Ports Expansion
      • San Francisco Set - instant unlock
      • Beach Properties - asset pack
      • Urban Promenades - content creator pack
      • Modern Architecture - content creator pack
      • Deluxe Relax Station - radio station
      • Soft Rock Radio - radio station
      • Cold Wave Channel - radio station

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    Comments on Cities: Skylines II

    Oct 24, 2023, 9:08 PM
    After the great success of the first chapter, the Colossal Order are back with Cities: Skyline 2, a management game that once again allows you to put yourself in command of a city and manage it from its foundation up to its maximum expansion... paying close attention to the fact that enough is enough little to upset what might have seemed like a perfect balance! Enjoy this highly anticipated city builder whom its predecessor has been able to conquer many players since 2015.
    Oct 23, 2023, 5:03 PM
    The performance being horrible at launch is what kills it for me. Like we need to stop making excuses why someone with $2000+ PCs can barely get 60fps in this game.
    Oct 23, 2023, 3:38 PM
    One of the best city building simulators out there, seems to be a step forward from the predecessor in almost every aspect. The game promises a lot of depth in building options and economy, definitely a must for fans of the genre.
    Oct 26, 2023, 8:15 PMon
    J'aime beaucoup ce jeu pour ces deux raisons ! 1. Liberté de conception : J'apprécie la grande liberté de conception offerte par le jeu. On peux créer des villes personnalisées en utilisant divers outils de planification, de zonage et de personnalisation. 2. Graphismes et détails : Le jeu a reçu des éloges pour ses graphismes et son attention aux détails. Les villes que vous construisez sont visuellement attractives et diversifiées.
    I really like this game for these two reasons! 1. Design freedom: I like the great design freedom offered by the game. You can create customized cities using various planning, zoning and customization tools. 2. Graphics and detail: The game has been praised for its graphics and attention to detail. The cities you build are visually attractive and diverse.
    Oct 25, 2023, 12:38 AMon
    A questa generazione mancava un citybuilder come Skyline. Grafica pompatissima, intelligenza artificiale responsiva e "per la prima volta condomini e negozi in strada nello stesso lotto"!!
    This generation lacked a citybuilder like Skyline. Pumped-up graphics, responsive artificial intelligence and "for the first time condos and street stores in the same lot!!!"
    Oct 24, 2023, 8:32 AMon
    Cities: Skylines II también tiene algunos problemas importantes. El juego está mal optimizado y sufre de problemas de rendimiento, especialmente en ciudades grandes. Además, el juego tiene algunos errores y bugs que pueden causar problemas a los jugadores. En general, Cities: Skylines II es un juego prometedor con muchas características nuevas e interesantes. Sin embargo, el juego todavía está en desarrollo y necesita algunas mejoras antes de que pueda alcanzar su pleno potencial.
    Cities: Skylines II also has some major problems. The game is poorly optimized and suffers from performance issues, especially in large cities. In addition, the game has some bugs and errors that can cause problems for players. Overall, Cities: Skylines II is a promising game with many new and interesting features. However, the game is still under development and needs some improvements before it can reach its full potential.
    Oct 24, 2023, 8:19 AMon
    Skylines II es un simulador de gestión de ciudades que mejora algunos aspectos de su predecesor, como la construcción de carreteras, la planificación urbanística y la interfaz. Sin embargo, también tiene problemas de rendimiento, poco contenido y pocas novedades que lo diferencien del primer juego. Es un juego entretenido y adictivo, pero que no sorprende ni innova.
    Skylines II is a city management simulator that improves some aspects of its predecessor, such as road construction, urban planning and interface. However, it also has performance problems, little content and few new features that differentiate it from the first game. It is an entertaining and addictive game, but it does not surprise or innovate.
    Oct 23, 2023, 10:41 PMon
    Ho sempre adorato i city builder e ancora di più Skyline e la suo enorme community. Anche solo con la versione base è possibile aggiungere migliaia di oggetti tramite mod. Titolo validissimo
    I have always loved city builders and even more so Skyline and its huge community. Even with just the basic version you can add thousands of objects via mods. Very valid title
    Oct 23, 2023, 10:19 PMon
    Ho passato più di 500 ore sul primo capitolo e non vedo l'ora di passarne altrettante con questo. Spero solo sistemino i problemi di performance quando la città diventa molto grande
    I spent more than 500 hours on the first chapter and am looking forward to spending as many hours with this one. I just hope they fix the performance problems when the city gets really big
    Oct 23, 2023, 5:32 PMon
    Le précédent titre de la licence n'avait rien à envier à la concurrence, ce second épisode bien qu'annoncé comme ayant des problèmes d'optimisations par ses développeurs n'a pas l'air de démériter comparer à son prédécesseur !
    The previous title in the license had nothing to envy the competition, and this second episode, although announced as having optimization problems by its developers, doesn't seem to fall short compared to its predecessor!
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