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Cities: Skylines II won't have paid DLCs until its fixed

Cities: Skylines II won't have paid DLCs until its fixed

The concerns about the state of Cities Skylines II have become a growing problem. Developer Colossal Order already warned players about the state of the game and it has already improved its performance, but there is still work to be done until Cities: Skylines II is up to the standards the studio intended. A new update was released yesterday and it has greatly improved gameplay by fixing bugs related to the garbage produced in the cities. The city services will now collect, store, and process it properly so it won't cause additional problems that lead to unhappy citizens. Also, players won't see the streets invaded by packs of stray dogs anymore.

Every tiny bit of improvement contributes to getting Cities: Skylines II closer to the state it should have been at launch, and the developer is definitely working hard to achieve this goal by releasing new updates almost every week.

No paid DLCs for the time being

Alongside the patch notes for the latest update for Cities: Skylines II, Colossal Order has shed some light on the future of the game. The original Cities: Skylines was famous for its impressive list of DLCs released over the years. These added to the game plenty of new features and assets, and the same would be expected for its sequel. Well, given the current state of Cities: Skylines II it's more urgent to fix the game now, and that's what the studio will focus on. Therefore, you won't see any paid DLCs released until the game is working properly.

But if you are hoping for new ways of enhancing the game you will be glad to know that some DLCs are coming to Cities: Skylines II. These include eight regional packs with more than 2,500 assets from several countries, but these are free and have been created in collaboration with modders. They should be available via Paradox Mods soon.



Although the game is currently playable, the experience it delivers is not quite where it should be. It's been improved by leaps and bounds already. In any case, if you are a long-time fan of the series and you want to support the game, the best prices to buy a Cities: Skylines II PC code are available with our comparator.

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