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    Cities: Skylines is the ultimate modern city simulator. Step in the shoes of the mayor as you build a city up from its foundations. 

    You start with a small plot of land next to the interchange and a little bit of money. Then you can expand, building roads, designating residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, and implementing necessities like power and water. As you attract more residents to your city, you gain more money to improve. Soon your city will be populated by millions of people living their lives according to routines. Day and night cycles apply; you can visibly see traffic and activity rise during the day and ease off during the night.  

    Managing your new metropolis won’t be easy as you go up in size and tier. You have to consider healthcare, law enforcement, disaster response, education, and more. Citizens will react according to how well you meet their needs. As you designate districts, you also get to choose what new policies apply to your city. 

    Finally, you can customize your own maps and structures in Cities: Skylines. Import and share them online or download other people’s works for your own use. Cities: Skylines has everything you’re looking for in a simulator. Create and manage the city of your dreams, limited only by your creativity.

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    Comments on Cities: Skylines

    Canon Geoffrey
    Canon Geoffrey
    Nov 5, 2018, 11:06 PMon
    Un bon jeu de gestion de villes avec des DLC toujours bien sympathique, très intuitif, et pour ma part bien complet
    A good game of city management with DLC always nice, very intuitive, and for my part well complete
    Mar 30, 2015, 3:48 PMon
    J'attend qu'il soit à 15€ pour acheter ce monstre qui ravage Sim City
    I'm waiting for it to be 15€ to buy this monster that ravages Sim City
    Mar 27, 2015, 4:17 PMon
    Excellent si vous aimez les embouteillages lol Non franchement il enterre définitivement Sim City
    Excellent if you like traffic jams lol No frankly it definitely buries Sim City
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