Atari classic shooters return as free games this week on PC

Atari classic shooters return as free games this week on PC

Last week we told you that you would be able to get the Epic Slayer Kit for Dauntless completely free on PC. This pack comes with three VIP days access to the MMORPG created by Phoenix Labs that you can enjoy for free on Epic Games Store. The game is set in a fantasy universe where you hunt monsters for fun and profit, and it reminisces about the Monster Hunter series to a certain degree. But we also stated that Epic Games could have some surprises ready for you on top of that, and it turns out that you can also get a couple of very interesting shooters for free this week.

Black Widow: Recharged and Centipede: Recharged are new versions of two classic shooters from Atari. They may sound familiar to you if you are a seasoned video game player. These cult games have been brought back to life with modern graphics, new challenges, and an original score by Megan McDuffee that will keep you glued to the screen while you blast hordes of enemies.



In Black Widow: Recharged, you are a little spider trying to defend your spider web from the assault of other insects. This twin-stick shooter pits you against multiple waves of enemies solo or along with a friend in local co-op mode. You can gather all kinds of power-ups and obliterate enemies through 30 different levels full of challenges.



Centipede: Recharged is a reimagination of the classic cult game with smooth controls, enhanced graphics, and several gameplay modes that you can enjoy solo or with a friend.

Feel free to visit the Epic Games Store and claim your copies for free. They will be available until next Thursday and will be replaced by an exciting city building simulation and management video game then, Cities Skylines.

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