Free games are piling up this weekend

Free games are piling up this weekend

Due to several circumstances, the number of  video games that you can play or obtain for free this weekend is rather unusual. If you have been following us you already know that you can play Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for free through the weekend and that there are many other initiatives that try to help those that stay home to keep themselves entertained. Steam also is offering players the possibility of playing for free to the acclaimed city-builder Cities: Skylines. The game offers you a challenging new take on the city building simulation genre with local traffic simulation, a day and night cycle and plenty of other interesting features that will keep you hooked to your computer for a while.



But there are a few other games for you to play this weekend. Another big digital distribution platform, Epic Games Store has us accustomed to receiving free games every week, and this one it wasn´t going to be any different. We already advanced that a couple of indie titles would be obtainable for free. To get Tormentor x Punisher and Figment all you have to do is visiting the shop of the creators of Fortnite and claim them before the promotion ends. But EGS has surprised us with another game that you can get for free too, and it's no other than the acclaimed World War Z, which takes zombie-slaughtering to a new level.



If all those games are not enough for you, you can also give a try to Predator: Hunting Grounds trial, which is available on PC and Playstation 4. It will allow you to relive the best moments of the classic film from 1987 by playing 1v4 asymmetric battles. Four members of a fireteam will have to complete missions in the jungle but everything changes when they realize that they are being hunted by a mysterious creature that is not of this world. They will have to reach an extraction point where a helicopter is waiting for them before they get annihilated by an enemy that is superior both physically and technologically.



All those games will have you busy during the weekend, but remember that if you miss any of those opportunities you can always find them at the best prices on our comparator. 

  • Official website : World War Z
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Saber Interactive
  • Developer : Saber Interactive
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : April 16, 2019
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