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Cris Tales is free this week on PC

Cris Tales is free this week on PC

We already talked about it last week in a different article, but a friendly reminder is always welcome. Cris Tales is currently available for free in the Epic Games Store this week. Fortnite's developer awards free games on a weekly basis to everyone that cares to log on its digital distribution platform every week and claim them. The process is quite simple and completely free. You just need to visit Epic Game Store to download and install the launcher if you don't have it already, and create an account or log in with yours to claim the game. Once done, the game will be yours permanently, and you can enjoy it as much as you want.

Cris Tales is an exciting adventure that puts you in the shoes of Crisbell, an orphan girl that accidentally discovers that she can manipulate time. While she trains her recently discovered powers and learns how to help people with them, Crissbell finds herself in the middle of an invasion by the troops under the command of the Empress of Time. The evil ruler wants to take over the Crystallis Kingdom, and Crisbell is the only one able to prevent such a catastrophe by using her powers.



Crist Tales is a beautiful homage to classic JRPG with a unique art style and strategic turn-based combat. As you progress through the story, you can use Crisbell's powers to peer into the past to gather information and decide what to do in the present to change the future. You can also recruit additional characters that will help Crisbell in her quest and explore a dark fairytale world in an epic adventure that is perfect for the fans of the genre.

Feel free to visit the Epic Games Store and claim your free copy of Cris Tales. The game will be available until next Thursday evening. It will be replaced by a content pack for Dauntless then, but Epic Games may have an additional surprise.

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