Cities: Skylines' new expansion puts an end to traffic problems

Cities: Skylines' new expansion puts an end to traffic problems

Cities Skylines is one of the most important franchises in the genre of city-building and management simulation games. Not only the base game offers an exciting experience with many variables that you can control while designing the city of your dreams from the ground, but there is also a wide range of DLC that expands the game in all directions with new gameplay mechanics and additional content. Paradox Interactive is about to launch a new expansion for Cities: Skylines that will significantly change the skyline of your creations in the game.

An expansion for pedestrians

The Plazas and Promenades expansion will allow you to make your cities pedestrian-friendly. Adding over 300 new building options that include a wide range of tools to limit traffic and open spaces for your citizens will radically change how your cities are designed. You can implement pedestrian-only streets and slow driving areas, and the DLC also includes plenty of new assets that you can use to free your city center from pollution and noise. Your cities will be more realistic than ever with new service buildings and three new district specializations: high-density residential areas, high-density commercial zones, and offices. These will change the look of the buildings and add new gameplay effects to represent the nature of these areas better.


"With Cities: Skylines - Plazas and Promenades, players can build their dream on-foot experience as well as adding different district options and city service buildings. Eliminate noise and air pollution and say hello to pedestrian streets, car free areas, and modern plazas - citizens will be thrilled to live in a walkable city."


Plazas and Promenades will become available soon on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. With this expansion, the number of DLCs available to Cities: Skylines rises to a total of eleven. You can find all of them at the best price with our comparator and also get your Cities Skylines key cheap if you are yet to discover the franchise.

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